Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Skinny Model Law

A brief "deep thought" for today.


A few months ago I came across this article talking about how a scandalously thin model was used in an Gucci ad campaign:

Rightfully so, the article mentioned that: the Advertising Standards Authority of Britain ruled that the ad was “irresponsible” and that the model looked “unhealthily thin”.

Shortly thereafter, the ad was forcibly pulled by the British standards group and the model's image was removed from the ad campaign.

Interestingly, just a few days prior, I had read about France's skinny model law.

Here's the law:

The new law calls for models who want to work in France to present a doctor's note attesting to their overall health and proving a BMI of 18 or over. (In the BMI system, 18.5 is the cutoff between underweight and a healthy weight.) Agencies and brands who break this law could be looking at a six-month prison sentence of 75,000 euro fine. Another proviso notes that advertising images that have been digitally altered — whether that means making the models appear smaller or larger — must contain the words "retouched photograph," or risk a fine of at least 37,500 euros.

To put the above into perspective, using the current exchange rate:
75,000 euro = 81,675 dollars
37,500 euro = 40,837 dollars

To further quote the skinny model law article, I particularly liked reading this:

There is some precedent for this kind of government action, at least abroad. Italy, Israel, and Spain have all passed similar "skinny model" legislation, Denmark is considering doing so, and the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority has cracked down on images of what it deems to be too-thin models, notably in a recent Saint Laurent ad.

When you pair the above with the post I put up a few weeks ago about Tim Gunn and the plus size clothing industry, it makes for an interesting time in the fashion world ...  no?


  1. WOW! It's great to hear there are crackdowns on using too-skinny models!!! I'm happy that the current trend, at least from what I see, is generally leaning towards more athletic builds for that "ideal" body image. Bring on the muscle (literally and figuratively)!!!