Thursday, March 10, 2016

The ABCs of Me

Ok, I have to admit - I've been falling down on the job lately with this blog.  Though, I don't think many of you will blame me, since my head is in a different place these days (thinking about the coming baby much?  LOL!).

Since I haven't had a structured topic in mind for this blog this week, I thought I'd steal some inspiration from Emmers and do the "ABCs of Me". 

Here goes!


Anything goes for my running wardrobe.  No surprise there, right?  I mean ...


Bowling is something I'm actually somewhat OK at.  I hardly ever play, but usually when I do, I'm not too shabby.

Cats are not my bag.  I'm far more a ...

Dog person.

Even though I love desserts, I am far more a salty foods person.  I would choose a giant pile of nachos over cookies any day.  That being said, getting pregnant gave me a whole new found respect for ice cream.

Frogs, bugs, lizards - all these kinds of things gross me out.  But especially bugs. 

Green and leafy vegetables are a huge part of my diet, even in pregnancy.  I eat some sort of salad pretty much every day.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  For obvious reasons.  (See A, above).

I can whistle, do forward splits and curl my tongue.  But don't ask me to do it all at once.  That would just be weird.

Joking around is one of my favorite things.  I love it when people know how to have fun with me, too.  Example - check out the gag gift box I received from a recent baby shower:

Kids have always been a huge part of my life.  I'm the oldest of 4 children, and my mom did in home daycare when I was growing up.  In other words ... I've already been pooped on more than I could ever imagine.  So ... bring it on, baby on the way!

Long distance running hasn't been a part of my "real" training program in almost two years.  After having plantars and then getting pregnant, I struggled keeping up with a regular running schedule.  I'm looking forward to hopefully getting more back on track with that post baby.

Murder based TV shows creep me out.  Think stuff like Law & Order, etc.  Yet, somehow when they're on, I'm like a moth to a flame and I can't stop watching.

Natalie, my name, derives from a Latin word meaning "born on Christmas".  But actually, I was born on Easter.  Close enough ... ?

Once a year, usually when summer is in full swing, my husband and I will drive to the local DQ and get a blizzard together.  The DQ we go to is right across the parking lot from a local gym/fitness studio that has treadmills and the like facing the parking lot so people can look out a window while they get their sweat on.  So ... in other words, once a year, my husband and I debate parking in front of someone running on a treadmill while we eat DQ blizzards.  But then we just park across the way from the takeout driveway and stare off into space instead.

Putt-putt (or mini golf) is really NOT my thing.  I've always had a secret distain for it.  I don't know why, exactly, but I always cringe when someone suggests it as an activity.

Quitting for me is almost NEVER an option.  I'm too hard headed to admit I can't do something once I start.  Sometimes I'll keep doing something just out of self spite.  You know I'm hurting if I throw in the towel.

Riding my bike outdoors in the summertime is one of my favorite "non-workout" workouts.  I love being able to take in the scenery while I get myself from point A to point B. 

Studying has never come hard for me.  Everyone said in high school that once I got into college, I'd really have to buckle down and study more.  I don't know if I'm just lucky, but I never really had that challenge.  Usually I can read something once or twice and then recall it when I need to.

Taco Bell is my favorite eating "sin".  Don't judge.

Underwear is currently one of my private woes.  I didn't want to buy a ton of maternity sized stuff, so it seems like I'm constantly running out and needing to do more laundry.  I should just be less cheap and buy a few more pairs, but with 6 weeks left ... why bother?

Vanity has never really been my thing.  Of course I like to look nice, but I'm not one of those girls that needs to check my makeup in the mirror every 10 minutes or have my hair just so.  And I'm definitely not afraid to get dirty or sweaty to have some fun.

World experiences are something I make a priority in my life.  I want to see everything I can in this lifetime.  So yeah ... Mexico is nice and all but ... don't expect to see me vacationing there every year at spring break.

Xams (yes I know that's spelled wrong and should read EXAMS, deal with it) are a constant part of my life right now.  I'll be excited to get that over with once I have this baby!

Yogurt has been a huge part of my diet since becoming a gestational diabetic.  I've eaten more yogurt in the last month than I likely did in the last year.  Thank goodness Costco sells Chobani multipacks for cheap!

Zoo employee - yep, I worked at a zoo when I was in high school.  Technically, I worked for the on site conservatory, but I did get to go in an active animal enclosure once (just with some non exciting birds, don't get too excited).  Side note: being at the zoo, in the morning before they open, at the lion enclosure ... that's scary as hell!  They call at each other through their enclosures, roaring so loud you think the glass might break and they'll bust out to eat you!


So ... how about you?  Want to tell me any of your ABCs?


  1. I LOVE these types of posts! It's so much fun to learn all the tidbits about you! I like Taco Bell, too, and I am also SO much about World experiences. Life is too short to duplicate experiences unless they are SUPER killer ones!!!