Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Racing Recap

Upon writing my race recap that published last Thursday, I realized I was more than overdue for a 2015 race recap.  Plus, with winter coming, and it being highly unlikely that I'll sign up for anything more this season, the timing seems about right.

So ... that being said, how did my racing shake out for 2015?

2015 Races

Cumulative info:
     Races 55 - 71
     Bibs 53 - 68

Tri-U-Mah, No Bib Provided
Hot Chocolate 5K
Lake Minnetonka Half Relay
Cinco de Miler 5 miler
Run the Inferno 5K
Carlyle Sherstad 5K
Rainbow Run 5K
Freedom Five 5K
Gandy Fly-In 5K
Chase the Police Tri
Webster Education 5K
Lake Run 5K
Suds Run 5K
Women Run the Cities 10K
TC 10 mile
Patriot Power Run 5K
Mankato 10K

A few fun facts about this year's achievements.

(1) I ran more races this year than any year previous, coming in at 17 races and 16 bibs.  Uh-oh ... did I just set a new pointless goal for myself?  LOL ... with a baby on the way, I doubt it.

(2) I ran 6 races knowingly pregnant, and 1 more before I knew I was pregnant (I tested positive just a few days later).  That's a total of 35 miles raced while pregnant ... so far!

(3) I FINALLY had my first ever negative split (in Mankato)!  WHOOP!


And with that - so ends my 2015 race season.  I think.  Here's to more racing again next year!!

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