Friday, September 11, 2015

How the French Eat

Over Labor Day weekend, I spent some time reading articles online and came across something I was slightly dubious about at first.  The article was titled:

Yeah, yeah - I thought.  I've heard this before.  The French women all drink loads of wine and eat tons of cheese and bread, and yet they stay so slim.  It must be because we American women are doing it wrong.


But, of course, I was curious.  So I clicked on the article.  And ... I was kind of impressed.  Not only did the list emphasize slowing down and focusing on your eating, it also touched on being mindful of your eating ... and it mentioned that we should actually be thinking about how WHAT WE EAT later effects how it MAKES US FEEL.  It's that last bit that a lot of people miss when it comes to healthy eating and nutrition, and I was thrilled to see it added to the list.

Below are the 17 items, without the breakdowns included, for your review.  If they catch your interest and you want to read more, click on the article title above for the full article.

Have a good weekend!!


1. Set your intention for the day.
2. Decide your daily mealtimes and stick to them.
3. Keep breakfast simple. 
4. Don’t skip meals. 
5. No matter how simple a dish is, savor it and eat slowly. 
6. Sit down! 
7. Don’t be scared of a “large-ish” lunch. 
8. Power down during meals. (*Turn off cellphones and other distractions)
9. Do not mindlessly snack.
10. Let hunger in calmly.
11. Stop eating meals on the go.
12. Let your family know when the kitchen is closed.
13. Set the scene. (*Use nice dishes, proper silverware, attractive linens, etc)
14. Eat with your eyes and your mouth.
15. Be mindful of where food comes from. 
16. Be aware of how food makes you feel. 
17. Digestion is a national obsession.

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